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KITE-AI TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD and MILAGRO CLINICAL RESEARCH announces STRATEGIC TIE-UP for providing enhanced, cost-effective analytical and domain-related support parallelly establishing ‘TRAIN AND HIRE‘ model to meet the talent needs of industry at large

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Collaborating to provide Career Aspirants an Industry oriented Training with Employment under the ‘Train & Hire’ initiative

Pune, Sep. 08,2020: KITE-Ai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. announces a strategic tie-up with Milagro Clinical Research (MCR)- A Contract Research Organization (CRO) based in Mumbai, India, dedicated to the management and execution of Phase I-IV clinical trials and BA/BE studies. Milagro Clinical Research joins hands with KITE-Ai Technologies to provide its customer enhanced and cost-effective analytical solution. On top of that together we aim to develop industry-ready talent and hire them through our “train and hire initiative”

KITE- Ai Learning is an initiative of KITE-Ai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that aims to bridge the talent gap between industry, individuals & institutions, KITE-Ai Technologies Pvt. Ltd and Milagro Clinical Research (MCR) believe that the value of this tie-up is to help Individuals and Institutes in the first phase. This would enable KITE-Ai Learning students to be industry-ready and meet the talent requirements of Milagro Clinical Research.

“The era of simulation learning is over, with changing times and considering the government/agencies guidelines the KITE-Ai learning “train and hire” model with Milagro is a perfect opportunity for the candidates who would like to not only limit their learning to a book, or being taught with theory and still have a question mark after completion of such programs. “Train and hire” is a perfect balance between learning, practical experience, and employment for an aspirant. It is learning for every one from anywhere and is a great initiative towards a true talent democracy.” said Mr. Peyush Rajput, Managing Director & CEO, KITE-Ai Technologies Pvt. Ltd.‎ further he also mentioned ‘’together we aim at developing the talent for our own & industry needs at large by being a part of such program. The learning becomes incidental but essential backed up by the security of employment.’’

With this association, KITE-Ai Technology Pvt. Ltd. & Milagro Clinical Research launches its first ‘train & hire’ program from October 2020 with a limited intake capacity of 20 based on selection, The program has 4 months of scheduled ordination training to be delivered by Milagro Clinical Research and, post completion of the initial 4 months, full-time employment will begin with Milagro Clinical Research(employment T&C applies).

Shortly the announcement will be made through the official website and social media on minimum eligibility criteria along with interview dates and guidelines.

4 Months of Online Program for shaping talent beyond geological boundaries to be delivered by Milagro Research in association with KITE-Ai Technologies Pvt. Ltd, this will enable students to land their career in clinical research & analytics

“As the Head of Milagro Clinical Research, I am extremely delighted about the collaboration with Kite-Al. I am looking forward to the symbiotic association and fruitful outcomes for the future. I am sure we will tread the path towards success when our hands join together!

I am confident that we shall be able to excel in clinical research training, imparting all the requisite qualities to the trainees so that they shall add more value to the field & be competent and have a great career ahead” said Dr. Anjali Sabale, Founder & CEO, Milagro Clinical Research.

This strategic tie-up with Milagro CRO is part of the ongoing ‘Train & Hire initiative’ As part of this innovation, the KITE-Ai Learning communication team is also looking forward to identify, encourage, and recognize establishments to support this idea of ‘Train & Hire’ model

KITE-Ai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is not only a technology company but it is more of a common platform for small and medium-sized enterprises belonging to different domains who need future-ready, cost-effective, and accountable solutions in the field of Data Science and Analytics, Digital Marketing- Performance Analytics, Big Data Solutions, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. It also has a significant presence in the field of Clinical Research Related Services, Clinical Data Management, and Analysis.

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Date : Sep 08,2020