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Seamless Migration from SAS To Python and (Other)

SAS is a paid service, and the standalone costs, especially for smaller businesses, can be quite high. Only larger, more established organisations typically have complete access to SAS and its auxiliary tools. These expenses are probably the cause of its recent decline in popularity. It simply isn't as accessible to new users as Python is. Despite being a powerful tool, SAS may not be the best option for new users and startup businesses. Additionally, many of Python's analytical capabilities now rival those of SAS due to the growth and maturity of the variety of packages it offers, making it a desirable and affordable alternative even for very large companies.

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Problems with Industry Leader Tool

SAS is a command-driven software package used for statistical analysis and data visualization. Though available only for Windows operating systems, it remains one of the most widely used statistical software packages in both industry and academia. However, It has a huge Problem With Legacy SAS

Migrating from SAS To Open-Source can be tricky & frustrating

Most SAS migrations end in Failure and Frustration, Hence you need a vendor

Many businesses have spent decades developing SAS code. Millions of lines of SAS code may be involved when you consider to move into any Open-Source. . You cannot simply pick it up and transfer it to another tool.

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Migration requires a huge domain expertise and exposure otherwise migration can fail and create frustrations, A successful migration requires taking full account of the obstacles and making plans to mitigate them. Involving the right people from the outset — analysts well versed in both languages who have encountered and worked through the pitfalls — is key.